Writing a graduate work

The graduate work from the abstract, control or term paper is distinguished by the presence of exclusively new, personally worked out by the compiler material. This is a study, a scientific work that can be referenced as a source of verified information. It takes months to write a diploma. Ideally, the student begins to collect information for him immediately after entering the first year.

How to choose a theme

The quality of the diploma is 50% dependent on the topic. Each student is assigned a supervisor – a curator to help them write scientific work. The topic is chosen based on its advice and recommendations. It should be relevant (contain useful information) for the modern society or the field of activity in which the student specializes. Also important:

  • the interest of the ongoing research for the author of the diploma;
  • availability of information sources.

The diploma work is sometimes devoted to unexplored areas of science, but usually on a chosen topic there are already a number of sources.

Note! If the graduate is not ready to conduct experiments on his own, to go on long expeditions in order to obtain the necessary information, then he must find the works of those people who were previously interested in this issue. Writing excellent work with an insufficient degree of knowledge of the material will not be easy.

What a diploma consists of

A correctly written scientific work is at least 65 sheets of independently revised text with conclusions. Most studies are divided into 2 parts – theoretical and practical. The first part sets out theories and conclusions, the second describes a practical solution to the problem, for example, the process of assembling a computer, the operation scheme of a particular enterprise.

The diploma consists of:

  • title page (data about the university, teacher and student are indicated, the name of the diploma and the year of writing are noted);
  • introduction (2-3 sheets of text, which describes the reasons that prompted the student to choose a specific topic, its relevance, lists the sources of importance for writing the work);
  • chapters and paragraphs (the number depends on the requirements of the university);
  • conclusions (output on 2-3 sheets).
  • a list of literature (how this part is compiled is described in the methodological manual that each student receives at the place of study in the methodological department).

If the thesis contains a practical part, then all the schemes, tables, figures are placed in the “Note”. The presence or absence of it is due to the requirements of the university.

Criteria for writing a diploma

For the study to be accepted and rated positively:

  1. Follow the plan. Immediately after selecting a topic and checking the availability of sources for it, they draw up a work plan – its content. He is approved by the supervisor and remains unchanged throughout the work on the project.
  2. Make their own conclusions and conclusions, without rewriting strangers. The uniqueness of the text of the study is one of the criteria for its quality.
  3. Do not forget to put links to information sources in the text. 3-4 links to the page.
  4. They work directly with information sources – documents, laws, schemes. When it comes to writing a draft on a legal topic, laws and regulations are put forward in the list of references. They work with monographs and interpretation only secondarily. In a scientific study, one’s own thoughts and conclusions, novelty are important.

Important! When planning work on a scientific project, they are determined with the time it will take to write each chapter and search for sources (textbooks, monographs, documents). Depending on the degree of study of the topic for writing work, it takes from 3-4 months to 1 year. If the question raised has been investigated previously, then students need less time to write their thesis.

“Introduction” and “Conclusion”, as part of the diploma, are created after writing all the chapters. This helps to come to balanced and correct conclusions, to identify and refine the weaknesses of the study.

The study is designed to show the degree of student mastery of the curriculum, the level of knowledge of the material, the ability to think outside the box, draw conclusions, work with a large number of complex materials. Writing a diploma takes a lot of time, requires the student to be diligent and attentive.

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