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Many educational institutions use a special type of test called SAT Essay. The sense of this task is that the applicant receives a small text with a statement and arguments. He will have 50 minutes to read this and analyze the material to say his personal opinion with the addition of his arguments. If you do not know how to write a SAT essay, then there are some simple tips that will help you to do it correctly and get a high score.

There can be a lot of examples of such a task – these are actual topics that are in any open source. The commission checks your ability to analyze the material quickly. This will not be only your personal opinion but a refutation or confirmation of the main topic of the SAT essay. For example,

  • Global warming does not harm humanity.
  • Air pollution goes very slow.
  • Oceans are studied at 50%.
  • We can breathe underwater for a very long time.
  • Cats are more faithful than dogs.
  • Man is 65% water.
  • We do not need to drink a lot of water every day.
  • Watching TV is good for our development.
  • The Internet allows us to be smarter.
  • Mountain sickness is a rare occurrence.

You may not agree with what is written in your assignment but your goal is to be able to analyze data and give arguments. The Commission will evaluate three points: reading, analyzing and writing. SAT essay scoring goes on a scale from 1 to 4. There are also some useful tips for writing your answer:

  • You will need to write your analysis in a booklet that you will get – try to write neatly and smoothly.
  • You can pre-find SAT essay examples to be ready for sample assignments. There are also many sources where you can see the ready response format.
  • You need to show that you read your assignment attentively and gave a logical analysis on a specific topic.
  • Use understandable language; you can also rephrase quotes or specific persuasive expressions that are in the task-text.
  • Do not forget about spelling and punctuation – your answer will be read by the Commission.

Most Popular SAT Essay Prompts 2019-2020

To get a good score, you need to do your task correctly. There are many useful tips that will help you to understand the essence of your work. These are generally accepted tips for any applicant who will help him to write an SAT essay correctly. Such SAT essay prompts remain relevant so this is important information before this type of testing:

  • Find a similar task and try to write an analysis of the material in 50 minutes.
  • Your reasoned answer should be about 650-750 words. Do not exceed 2000 words.
  • If you do not have specific arguments, use information from well-known newspaper publications.
  • The author of the text-task tries to make you agree with his idea. Make your answer convincing based on facts, quotes, and famous expressions.
  • SAT essay rubric may have a rhetorical question but here it is important to give a convincing answer in one of the directions. Show the impact of this issue on society.
  • View more open lists and similar tasks. Analyze the most difficult of them so that you will not have difficulties during the testing.
  • If you do not understand the topic or do not know the answer, then you can analyze and rephrase the main text in order to “remove” the essence of the question and clarify it.

SAT Essay Outline Example

If you want to do everything right, then you need to have a plan for your SAT essay. These are some simple steps that will help you to be ready. It will be easier for you to follow a specific plan so as not to have difficulties during testing. The outline is very simple but you need to know some details of this:

  • Introduction. Here you need to give your analysis and not start with the argument. The analysis should be made on the material that the author gave in the assignment, then add a few convincing techniques.
  • Affirmative Theses. SAT essay prompts show that you need to clearly show the opinion of the author and tell about what methods he uses for this. The Commission does not want to see your opinion; it wants to know what you understand and how you see the position of the author.
  • Examples to prove your opinion. Now your analysis and your point of view come. Use concrete examples to show what you want to explain. Any situation can have an example – show it.
  • Explain your examples. You told about examples, now make a conclusion from this, so that your arguments would be clear. Prove that this is a really convincing explanation. Maybe it will be better to add quotes here and give an explanation.
  • Conclusion. This is a short overview of your thesis. Tell the main points of your work where there will be both arguments and quotes. If you forget something important, the conclusion will be a good chance to add some important suggestions.

25 SAT Essay Tips & Hints

Writing such work has a lot of questions, for example, how long is SAT with essay or how to make a plan for such a task? No need to be nervous, you can do it. A few simple tips and hints will help you to be ready for testing.

  • Find such assignments in open resources and read approximate topics.
  • Plan your answer (standard outline).
  • Read newspaper publications.
  • Get ready to use quotes by the author.
  • The theme of the text can be completely different.
  • Carefully read the text of the task – catch the essence.
  • Reason the opinion of the author.
  • Analyze the essence of the text.
  • Add your opinion after the analysis.
  • Find a suitable example and tell about it.
  • The example should also have arguments.
  • No need to exceed the set number of words of your answer.
  • Points will be counted in three stages (from 1 to 4).
  • You get only 50 minutes for the test of this type.
  • If you do not understand the topic then rephrase the main essence of the author’s opinion.
  • There should be no refutation of the thoughts of the author, only analysis.
  • You may not agree with the opinion of the author.
  • Do not look at the time – no need to panic.
  • You will write the answer on the booklet. Write smoothly and do not go beyond the frame.
  • Do not forget about spelling and punctuation.
  • Write logically and clearly, without complicated words and expressions.
  • The last point is the conclusion. This is your opportunity to review and add the missing information.
  • The Commission is looking not only at your answer but also at its style and format.
  • Make the conclusion short but informative.
  • After writing, read the assignment again and then your answer.

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