6 Tips to Write a Killer Essay for The College Admission You Deserve

No subject makes a high school senior more anxious than the college admission essay. Oh, those 500 words! They often decide if you go to the school of your dreams or stay in your parents’ basement for at least one more year.

Even if you complete all the application forms and pass all the tests, you can still end up in the reject pile. Just because your writings didn’t impress admission officers. But what if you change the way you look at the college admission essay? What if you turn it into the chance to stand out from others?

Our experts have compiled 6 foolproof tips to help you create a real catapult to an acceptance

1.Suprise Them With 20 Things They Don’t Know About You

Start out with writing down 20 facts about yourself which admissions officers won’t find in other parts of your application. Most applicants are likely to have similar grades and test scores to you, but you surely have something that makes you special. What is it? What are you passionate about? What experience has taught you something valuable? You can include stories, jokes, life challenges, and even your favorite quotes.

Now, you have created a unique database of who you are. Use it to fill up your essay and make it personal.

2.Tell Them a Story

“Those who tell the stories run the world,”

said Plato

When a person tells you something, when they share and make you interested, you feel a personal connection. That’s the way we humans work. And admissions officers are not an exception. Make them care by presenting facts about you in a chronological, engaging and compelling fashion. A story will be much more engaging than a list of reasons why you want to go to college.

3.Don’t Forget It’s an Essay

Hey, it’s an essay, not a resume or autobiography or a catalog of your accomplishments. Give it a solid theme or thesis. If a college doesn’t provide you with a topic, pick one story or event from your 20 things list and focus on one. Be narrow and specific. Don’t try to cover everything and don’t ramble. Keep your essay organized and to the point.

4.Give Them Proofs

Provide examples to support the things that you’re saying about yourself. Don’t say “Being an exchange student in Europe was a life changing experience.” Instead, tell how you got into the program, where you studied, and what difficulties you overcame while studying abroad. Use facts, quotations, and examples to support your story.

5.Don’t Hesitate to Get Help

Show your draft to parents, teachers or friends. Ask if it makes sense and sounds like you. Listen to their feedback and consider changes, but keep your voice!

If you can’t even start out your essay or simply got stuck in the middle, getting professional help is an option. Here at Grademiners, we have experts that specialize in creating admission essays. You can have a killer college admission essay and get enrolled in the college of your dreams even if you lack time, energy or creativity. We guarantee you top-notch quality, on-time delivery, and full confidentiality.

6.A Bonus! Get inspired!

Reading sample application essays is one of the best ways to learn to write your own.

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