20 Universal Essay Writing Hints

  • Carefully and attentively read the task and subject.
  • You need to use reference books and revise already written.
  • Students must not forget what teachers actually want from them. The main thing is to disclose the topic.
  • Formulate the subject of an outline as a question that you’ll answer. You must be sincere in your writing.
  • We must begin to write the composition from the end. Then we define exactly what we need as a result.
  • Find out the interesting words in the dictionary of synonyms.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think critically, i.e. argumentatively (with the help of arguments and facts).
  • The student must prove his own point of view, the ability to offer his own solution to a specific socially significant problem.
  • The text should have a clear structure with its main elements: introduction, main part, and conclusion.
  • Parts of the outline must meet certain requirements for the content and structure of each individual paragraph.
  • When you create a text, you need clarity, depth, accuracy, consistency of presentation, the use of means of logical communication and careful selection of language means.
  • Study well different types of hooks for essays.
  • After writing a paragraph, reread the phrase once more.
  • Use a draft and leave blank lines between sentences, and wide fields. You can then make corrections, additions to the process of editing the original text.
  • Highlight paragraphs; observe the red line; use short, simple, varied intonation sentences.
  • Use the correct sentence-writing scheme to express your own thoughts.
  • Own a set of definitions for each topic. Confident mastering of social science terms and concepts is the primary condition for success.
  • You can divide your draft into two columns. In the first one – write down the topic and in the second – write down the words, phrases, arising associations, quotes.
  • Do not hesitate for a long time choosing a topic. You should like it.
  • Make a plan. It will help to structure your thoughts in the right order.

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